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Services provided by an Independent Registered Dental Hygienist are recognized and covered by all insurance providers.

Oral Hygiene Assessment


Dental Cleanings $100 and up

Includes exam of head and neck, hard and soft tissues, oral cancer screening, examination of your gums & any areas of concern you may have to develop a personalized treatment plan.

I will always take the time to discuss your treatment options as well as educate and demonstrate proper dental interventions including the latest dental products, take home tools, smoking cessation or nutritional counseling.


As a courtesy you never need to pay up front.  I am happy to check your dental hygiene benefit coverage. I also accept ODSP, OW, Healthy Smiles & those without insurance.

Debridement aka ‘scaling’


This involves removing calculus aka tarter from your tooth surfaces above & below the gumline using specialized instruments. I use a variety of scaling instruments & ultrasonic cleaner. Your oral cavity is the gateway to your overall health. Studies have shown a link between gum disease with heart disease, stroke, premature birth in pregnant women & many more conditions.

Polishing Treatment

tooth (2).png

Over time stain can build up on your teeth from foods, drinks, smoking, etc, Following scaling, a polish takes only a few minutes to remove the build up of stain that a toothbrush cannot remove making your teeth appear brighter and whiter.

Fluoride Treatments & Desensitization


Based on your personalized treatment plan application of fluoride varnishes have benefits including prevention of cavities and sensitivity.

Professional Teeth Whitening


Take home trays: $200

1 hour in office whitening: $300

I have tried many whitening treatments and through my experience I find that Philips ZOOM! Whitening offers excellent results for even the most sensitive clients.

Denture Cleaning

denture edit.png

Using an ultrasonic machine remove hard deposits from your appliance, I can have your dentures squeaky clean in minutes.


mouth-guard EDIT.png

Mouthguard: $50

Custom fitted sportsguards are very effective in preventing concussions & damage to the teeth & jaw. I offer a wide variety of colours and prints while you enjoy your extracurricular activities safely!


tooth (4).png

Pit & fissure sealants are a safe and painless way of protecting your teeth from future tooth decay. It is a protective coating applied to the little dips and grooves of your back teeth. It forms a hard shield keeping bacteria and food from getting in, this helps prevent a cavity from forming.

I provide referrals to other dental health professionals as needed​

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